The IEG Seminar series ‘Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution’

The IEG Seminar series ‘Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution’ is one of the department’s platforms for postgraduate education and scientific interaction among research programs. With internationally renowned speakers presenting their latest work it also builds an important bridge to the worldwide eco-evolutionary science community.

Past seminars

Fall 2023

Tuesday,  October 10, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Mette Lillie (Animal Ecology/IEG, UU)
Title: “Endogenous retroviruses across the koala populations”
Host: IEG

Tuesday,  October 17, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Mario Vallejo-Marin (Plant Ecology/IEG)
Title: "Ecology and evolution of buzz-pollination"
Host: IEG

Tuesday,  October 24, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: John Stinchcombe (Univ. of Toronto)
Title: "Ecological genomics of life history"
Host: Jon Ågren

Wednesday,  November 1, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Florencia Camus (UCL, UK)
Title: "Genomic insights into metabolism and fitness"
Host: Elina Immonen

Wednesday, November 15, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Beatriz Vicoso (ISTA, Vienna)
Title: "Evolution and regulation of ZW sex chromosomes in sexual and asexual brine shrimp (Artemia)"
Host: Niclas Backström

Tuesday, November 28, Ekmansalen
Speaker: Sabine Wollrab (IGB, Berlin)
Title: "The complex response of plankton succession to shifts in seasonal forcing"
Host: Gesa Wyhenmeyer

Tuesday, December 5, Ekmansalen
Speaker: Pau Carazo (University of Valencia, Spain)
Title: TBA
Host: David Berger

Tuesday, December 12, Ekmansalen
Speaker: Marty Kardos (NOAA Federal, US)
Title: TBA
Host: JAcob Höglund

Spring 2024

Tuesday, February 13,
Speaker: Rebecca North 
Title: TBA
Host: Dolly Kothawala

Thursday, February 15,
Speaker: Giorgio Bertorelle (Univ. of Ferrara)
Title: TBA
Host: Linnea Smeds

Tuesday, February 27,
Speaker: Thomas Flatt (Univ. of Fribourg)
Title: TBA
Host: Göran Arnqvist

Tuesday, March 12,
Speaker: Meike Wittmann (Bielefeld University)
Title: TBA
Host: Martyna Zwoinska

Tuesday, April 23,
Speaker: Martin Garlovsky (Technische Universität Dresden)
Title: TBA
Host: Murielle Ålund

Contact: elina.immonen[at]

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