The IEG Seminar series ‘Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution’

The IEG Seminar series ‘Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution’ is one of the department’s platforms for postgraduate education and scientific interaction among research programs. With internationally renowned speakers presenting their latest work it also builds an important bridge to the worldwide eco-evolutionary science community.

Past seminars

Spring 2020

Tuesday, 21 January 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Bala Chaudhary (DePaul University, Chicago)
Title: Trait-based aerial dispersal of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
Host: Anna Rosling

Tuesday, 17 March 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Rui Borges (University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna)
Title: TBA
Host: Carina Farah Mugal

Tuesday, 31 March 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Jacqueline Sztepancz (University of Toronto)
Title: TBA
Host: Thomas Richards

Tuesday, 14 April 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Florence Débarre (iEES Paris)
Title: TBA
Host: Claus Rüffler

Tuesday, 28 April 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Stefano Manzoni (Stockholm University)
Title: Similarities and differences between carbon and nutrient dynamics in terrestrial and aquatic systems
Host: Dolly Kothawala

Tuesday, 12 May 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Natalie Pilakouta (University of Glasgow)
Title: TBA
Host: Matilda Andersson

Tuesday, 26 May 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: George Perry (Penn State University)
Title: Genomic insights into the widespread impacts of humans on non-human evolutionary biology
Host: Katerina Guschanski

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