Travel information

Travel information

How to reach Gimo Herrgård from Uppsala

There will be a bus transport from Uppsala to Gimo Herrgård in the afternoon Thursday 13 October.

The bus will leave the parking lot of the Evolutionary Biology Centre, Norbyvägen 18, Uppsala at 14:30, and make a stop outside SAS Radisson Blue, Stationsgatan 4, just northeast of the railroad tracks at Uppsala Resecentrum (Uppsala Travel center) some 5-10 min later.

On Sunday 16 October, the bus will leave Gimo Herrgård at 10:00 and will be back in Uppsala right before 11 am.

If you miss this transport, it is possible to reach Gimo with public transport: From Uppsala Travel Center, you take bus 811 towards Gimo and Östhammar. The bus ride takes about 50 min, and buses leave Uppsala about once an hour. Get off the bus at “Bruksgatan” in Gimo. From there, there is a short walk to Gimo Herrgård. If you give us a call, we will be able to pick you up for the final stretch.

Timetable bus 811

By car: Gimo Herrgård is located about 50 km northeast of Uppsala. Take road 288 from Uppsala towards Östhammar. Just north of Gimo there is an exit to the left that leads to Gimo Herrgård.

Information about public transportation in the Uppsala area can be found at:

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Last modified: 2022-09-29