Our research groups

Ågren Group
Ecology and evolution of plant populations.

Bengtsson Group
Plant diversity in dry calcareous grasslands.

Eklund Group
Evolution of developmental mechanisms

Jandér Group
Ecology and evolution of mutualisms

Karrenberg Group
Plant evolutionary ecology.

Lagercrantz Group
Genetics of climatic adaptation in trees, Genetics of flowering time variation, Evolution of plant genomes, Evolution of gene expression.

Lascoux Group
Population and evolutionary genetics.

Muscarella Group
Community ecology and macroecology

Parachnowitsch Group
Floral evolutionary ecology.

Parducci Group
Forest ecology and palaeogenetics.

Håkan Rydin
Ecology of mire plants and bryophytes.

Sletvold Group
Plant ecology, evolution and conservation.

Svensson Group
Ecophysiology, plant population ecology and didactics in biology.