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In press

Boyer, L., Jabbour-Zahab, R., Joncour, P., Glémin, S., Haag, C. R. & Lenormand, T. (preprint). Asexual male production by ZW recombination in Artemia parthenogenetica. - bioRxiv 2022.04.01.486774.

Sletvold N, Joffard N, Söderquist L (in press). Fine-scale genetic structure in the orchid Gymnadenia conopsea is not associated with local density of flowering plants. - American Journal of Botany.

Tholstrup DW, Sletvold N, Øien D-I, Moen A, Colchero F, Dahlgren JP (in press). Actuarial senescence progresses similarly across sites and species in four boreal orchids. - Journal of Ecology.


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