Parducci Group: Forest Ecology and Palaeogenetics

I am interested in understanding the relationships existing between forest biodiversity and climate change in the past. Focusing on forest species in northern Europe, I study species, population and community change as well as species survival by combining modern and ancient genetic and genomic tools with palaecological and climatic data.

Over the past plant species have persisted through long periods of climate change including several glacial and interglacial periods. Plants response was principally migration and adaptation and the plant fossil record shows how fast trees migrated in response to the latest cooling and warming periods. In our group we use DNA from contemporary and fossil remains to study how genetic variation, demographic history and distributional ranges have been shaped through time. The temporal perspective provides a direct past-to-present comparison and enables us to understand better the driving factors affecting range shifts and assist modelling analyses of future range shifts. 

Since January 2020 I work at La Sapienza University in Rome

You can find more information about my research to the left (ongoing research) or at my personal homepage!  Or you can read more here: Qanta Magazine, Science Magazine, BBC News, Swedish Radio, NRK News, Norwegian Views & NewsScience Norway, Copenhagen University. 

Our research is financed by the Swedish Reserch Council (Vetenskapsrådet, VR),the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development (Formas), the Carl Tryggers Foundation and the Swedish Plant Geography Society (SVS).