The Subdepartment of Plant Ecology and Evolution offers graduate research programs in Plant Ecology and in Evolutionary Functional Genomics. We are also responsible for undergraduate education in ecology, evolution, genetics and genomics.

The department is running an active programme for Ph.D. studies. The expected time to finish is 4 full years. We accept new students depending on space and finances. Interested students should contact any of the research groups.

Bachelor and Master

We are involved in several courses at undergraduate and graduate levels in biology (see below). More information on all courses can be found at the Biology Education Centre (IBG)

Student projects

Students are welcome to do their degree projects (Masters) and carry out research training periods at our department. For more information contact the programme head.

If you want more information or have your own idea for a degree project you are welcome to contact any of the research groups

Director of studies (studierektor)

Håkan Rydin

Programme head for the Master of Science in Biology

Brita Svensson


BSc level

  • Ecology
  • Ekologi och populationsgenetik
  • Växternas struktur och funktion 

MSc level

  • Behavioural Ecology
  • Conservation Biology
  • Ecological Methods
  • Ecology D
  • Evolutionary Patterns
  • Evolutionary Processes
  • Genome Sequence Data - Evolutionary Applications 
  • Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics
  • Naturvård
  • Peatland Ecology
  • Population and Community Ecology
  • Population Genetic Analysis

Distance and evening courses

  • Biologi översiktskurs
  • Biologisk debatt
  • Ecological Effects of Climate Change 
  • Miljövård översiktskurs
Last modified: 2022-02-16