Professor Lars Tranvik awarded prize for research in freshwater ecology


Professor Lars Tranvik will be awarded with The Ecology Institute Prize 2018 in freshwater ecology. The prize is presented annually since 1986, alternating between marine ecology, terrestrial ecology, and freshwater ecology. The quotation of the jury highlights that Lars’ contributions to biogeochemistry and microbial ecology has helped in shaping our current understanding of carbon cycling in inland waters and has also spurred novel questions that address our core understanding of the ecology and biogeochemistry of lake ecosystems from a wide range of perspectives. Furthermore, the jury notes his work as a mentor for young scientists and as a leader of scientific work. The prize requires him to write a book to further the institute’s aim to draw attention to important issues resulting from ecological research, to be published in their series “Excellence in Ecology”. Lars will accept the prize in Germany on October 9.

Lars Tranvik is Professor of Limnology, the science of inland water ecosystems.

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Last modified: 2022-04-30