Events & News

4 Jun 2020. Anastasija Isidorova has successfully defended her PhD thesis! It was all on zoom and worked fine all the way. Congratulations Anastasija, and a big thank you to the opponent Rafael Marcé, and the committee members Magdalena Bieroza, Alex Enrich Prast and Rienk Smittenberg!

14 May 2020. Yet another spikning! Anastasija nailed her thesis “The origin and fate of sediment organic carbon in tropical reservoirs” to the wall. Congratulations!

8 Nov 2019. Annika defended her PhD thesis, successfully of course! A big thank you to faculty opponent Frédéric Guérin, and the evaluation committee (Anne Ojala, Alex Prast and Alberto Borges), for the interesting discussion!

7 Nov 2019. We arranged a mini-symposium with invited international experts on the carbon balance of tropical and boreal freshwaters. Very exciting, and we all learned a lot!

17 October 2019. Thesis spiking! As per tradition, Annika nailed her thesis "Greenhouse gas emission from tropical reservoirs - Spatial and temporal dynamics" to the thesis wall. Congratulations and excellently done! 

1 September 2019. The financing period for the HYDROCARB project finally came to an end. However, several PhD and post-doctoral projects are still ongoing, so HYDROCARB is still going strong even without funding!

After a lot of travelling between Sweden and Brazil for fieldwork and workshops during the previous six years, the “final” meeting was carried out via the University's video conference system to avoid unnecessary additional CO2 emissions. People logged in from Sweden, Brazil, Belgium, USA, Switzerland and Spain to discuss individual progress and a final synthesis paper on carbon budgets from the studied reservoirs. The connection worked very well, and as we had everybody almost in real-size on screen in Uppsala, it seemed almost liked the others were in the same room with us to discuss.

Uppsala side
Brazil side

27 June 2019. During the last week, no less than 4 new papers have been submitted by the Hydrocarb team! Revised versions of another 2 papers are currently being evaluated. Great work, team!

3-9 December 2018 A whole-team writing retreat took place at Ekenäs Herrgård in Sweden. We worked hands-on on a large number of papers, and it was fun, too! Thanks to Oscar and Lili Lamm’s Stiftelse for sponsoring our stay at Ekenäs.

The HYDROCARB team was running a special session about the biogeochemical effects of river damming at the ASLO summer meeting in Victoria, Canada, on 12 June 2018. Recent progress of Annika Linkhorst, Anastasija Isidorova and Raquel Mendonça was presented. Stay tuned for upcoming publications!

18-24 March 2018. We had a whole-team retreat for data analysis and paper writing, at the Regua Ecological Reserve  in Brazil. We made outlines for 13 papers, and worked on them! Incredible how much effective work can be done, once the whole is team is gathered.