Conference: "Unifying Concepts Pertaining to Organic Matter Reactivity Across Soil, Freshwater and Marine Systems"


Professor Michael Schmidt - University of Zurich, Switzerland. Title: "We need to talk! Experimentalists and modelers need to join forces because the next generation of Earth system models needs new experiments to inform soil modules."

Professor Karsten Kalbitz - Technical University of Dresden, Germany. Title: "Organic matter reactivity at the interface of soil and water - mineral surfaces as hot spots of carbon retention and turnover."

Dr. Bertrand Guenet - French National Centre for Scientic Research, France. Title: "Representing the organic matter mineralization: why freshwater, marine and terrestrial ecosystems models are so different?" 

Professor Irena Creed - University of Saskatoon, Canada. Title: "Moving beyond the catchment boundaries."

Dr. Núria Catalán - Freshwater Research Institute (ICRA), Girona, Spain. Title: "Organic carbon reactivity across (aquatic) ecosystems and scales."

Dr. Anne Kellerman - Florida State University, United States of America. Title: "DOM composition across the aquatic continuum."

Professor Chris Evans - Center of Ecology and Hydrology, Bangor, United Kingdom. Title: “DOM processing from headwaters to estuaries” 

Professor Carol Arnosti - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, United States. Title: "Contrasting actors and factors control carbon cycling in seawater and sediments".

For more details and schedule, see this PDF.  More information is also available here.