At Limnology, we are responsible for the specialisation on Ecosystems and Aquatic Ecology within the MSc program in Biology. The specialisation includes one year of courses, and the MSc thesis can be performed within one of our research groups. There is a lot of freedom to tailor your studies according to your interests! Read more here.

Internet/evening part time courses at basic level:
Water Conservation (Vattenvård), 10 hp (in Swedish)

The Baltic Sea Environment 10 hp

Aquatic Ecology (Akvatisk ekologi – från sjö till hav), 5 hp (in Swedish)  

Courses at BSc level:
Ekologi och populationsgenetik, 15 hp (in Swedish)

Organismernas evolution och mångfald, 15 hp (in Swedish)

Mikroorganismernas liv och interaktioner, 5 hp (in Swedish)

Limnology, 15 hp 

Courses at Master level:
Limnology D, 15 hp

Applied Ecosystem Ecology, 15 hp

Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning 15 hp

Ecosystems in the Anthropocene 15 hp

Population and Community Ecology, 15 hp

Teachers from Limnology are also involved in several courses in the MSc program in Environmental and Water Engineering (taught in Swedish: Civilingenjörsprogrammet i miljö- och vattenteknik)

Degree projects & Internship:
In our department you have the opportunity to do independent research projects in several fields, including fish ecology, biogeochemical cycling and microbial ecology as well as landscape and water conservation. You can also follow the course Research training in Biology, where you participate in the daily activities of one of our research groups, including lab/field work, seminars etc. You are welcome to contact any of us to ask for available projects or discuss your own ideas with potential supervisors. See the research groups and our researchers at the division.

For more info about Degree projects at the Master level, see the IBG Degree project website or contact the master coordinator Richard Svanbäck (Bachelor programmes are held in Swedish).

All education in biology at undergraduate level is administrated by the Biology Education Center (IBG). For more detailed information about biology studies at Uppsala University in general, see the IBG website.

Last modified: 2022-04-25