Department of Limnology

Limnology is the discipline within ecology focusing on inland aquatic ecosystems, including communities, populations, and biogeochemical processes. A limnologist may study molecules to micro- or macroorganisms, the interactions between these different groups, as well as the impact humans have on these processes. The issues addressed are imperative to the understanding of aquatic ecosystems but may also have general ecological or evolutionary implications. Limnology encompasses basic scientific problems as well as more applied fields relevant to environmental and human health. 

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Contact Information

Head of Department

Eva Lindström
+46(0)18-471 6497

Visiting Address

Department of Limnology
Evolutionary Biology Centre, EBC
Norbyvägen 18D
75236 Uppsala

Delivery Address

Department of Limnology
Evolutionary Biology Centre, EBC
Kåbovägen 4, hus 7
75236 Uppsala


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