2nd Uppsala Transposon Symposium

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  • Plats: Biomedicinskt centrum SciLifeLab, E10:1309, Entrance C11
  • Föreläsare: Keynote: Cédric Feschotte, Cornell University, Karen Miga, UC Santa Cruz Plenary: David Adelson, University of Adelaide, Megan Dennis, UC Davis, Robert Gifford, University of Glasgow, Amanda Larracuente, University of Rochester, Johan Jakobsson, Lund University, Claudia Köhler, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Arrangör: Uppsala University, Karolinska Institute
  • Kontaktperson: Alexander Suh
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Transposable element (TE) research is currently experiencing a massive growth in interdisciplinarity, as knowledge of TE biology is increasingly appreciated to be necessary for fully understanding results in many areas of biological and biomedical research. The 2ndUppsala Transposon Symposium aims at bringing together internationally renowned experts from Sweden and abroad, to discuss how to tackle the most pressing knowledge gaps in the field through the use of novel single-molecule and single-cell technologies.

For more information, programme and registration, please visit: https://transposonsymposium.wordpress.com/2nd-uppsala-transposon-symposium/