Information about the corona virus situation

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic affects the department in several ways. We need to follow restrictions to help limit the spread of the virus, but also keep up our work as far as possible. It is important to stay connected using video meetings and other tools,  while we are looking forward to the end of the pandemic and the new beginning of close interactions in teaching, research, seminars, exchange with other universities, coffee breaks, lab work, field expeditions….

Until this happens, please pay close attention to advice, recommendations and rules. The information common to all of Uppsala University is collected and updated at, along with useful links to public national and international information.

Information for teachers and students can be found at

Please pay attention to  e-mail that you receive from the mailing lists of the department and programs, for information and updates from me, program chairs, directors of study, and other persons in charge. The mails from head of department are collected here.

I hope you are all safe and healthy,

Anna Rosling
Head of Department

Senast uppdaterad: 2021-03-16