Alarm system for freezers and climatic chambers

Important about the alarm system and how the insurance works. We have alarms both for freezers as well as climatic chambers, so it is important to keep all lists updated.

The contact list must be updated at least every 6 months (or more often if persons need changing), otherwise we are not covered by insurance. You can find the form on MP.


The -80°C freezers in the basement are connected to an alarm system. See full list of our freezers here. When a freezer alarm goes off, a light will start blinking in the lab corridor. Follow the instructions on the sign below.

When the alarm goes off

  • Security company will respond to alarm 24-7.
  • Between 7.30 and 16.00 the security company waits 20 minutes before responding. During this time, contact Campus Management at phone number 6437. They will reset the alarm and that way avoid the cost of the security company.
  • Contact persons on the freezer will be contacted in the order written, from top down. If no one answers the phone, the freezer will be left without any further measures (and your samples will get warm).
  • Bill from the security company will be sent to each division/program that is written on the freezer.


Every time the alarm goes off and the security company responds, it costs a lot of money. To avoid this, there are TIMERS on each freezer.

It is important to use the timer:

  • Before opening the freezer, set the timer on the wall to 60 minutes. This prevents the alarm to go off while you look in the freezer (and the temperature might rise).
  • After you close the freezer, set the timer again to 60 minutes to maximize the time for freezer to return to correct temperature.
  • If the alarm would go off, immediately call 018-471 64 37 (campus management).

There is a back-up freezer available at our department, where samples can be moved in case of an emergency.

No backup power

If there is a power cut, there is no back-up power for any of our freezers. And even if they are closed and untouched, the temperature rise rather rapidly.

Last modified: 2021-09-09