IEG internal pages

Welcome to the information page for you who are employed at the Department of Ecology and Genetics. Here we gather internal information about our operation and post common documents. You will find more information and documents at the IEG space on Medarbetarportalen. The department also has a Google calendar. 

Under Economy and purchases, you will find information about purchases, aquisitions, representation and invoices among others. 

Under Employment, you will find information about things such as information for new employees, insurance, vacation, travels, expenditures, templates, etc.

Under Policies and guidelines, you will find information about the working enivronment, equal opportunities, informating about discrimination, etc.

Under Working environment and safety, you will find information about lab safety, field safety, management of chemicals, safety officers, event reporting, risk assessments, etc. 

Under IEG Stats Clinic you will find information on how to get support and help with questions and problems concerning statistics.

If you are interested in learning more about our organisation, see here. 

Last modified: 2023-05-30