The Birgitta Sintring Foundation

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Projects funded in the 2023 call  

Elin Videvall, ”Microbiome Incompatibility in a Hybrid Species” 2 year post doc.

Alberto Corrales Lopez, “The mechanistic basis of mate choice: neurogenomics of context-dependent sexual behavior” 1 year post doc

Julia Tavares, ”Sensitivity of Amazonian wetlands to extreme events: from individual tree physiology to ecosystems” 2 year post doc

Rakesh Tiwari, equipment for the project ”Effects of climate change warming on photosynthesis in Tropical trees” 

Laura Moro, fieldwork in the project ”Consequences of habitat loss for Tropical trees”

Jesper Boman, sequencing in the project “Does adaptation to daylength differences between southern and northern Europe contribute to speciation?”

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