Five most recent publications (peer-reviewed):

[35] Suh A. (2019) Genome size evolution: Small transposons with large consequences. Current Biology in press.

[34] Prost, S., Armstrong, E. E., Nylander, J., Thomas, G. W. C., Suh, A., Petersen, B., Dalen, L., Benz, B., Blom, M. P. K., Palkopoulou, E., Ericson, P. G. P., Irestedt, M. (2019) Comparative analyses identify genomic features potentially involved in the evolution of birds-of-paradise. GigaScience giz003. Preprint. Link.

[33] Schweizer, M.*, Warmuth, V.*, Kakhki, N. A.*, Aliabadian, M., Förschler, M., Shirihai, H., Suh, A., Burri, R. (2019) Parallel plumage color evolution and introgressive hybridization in wheatears. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 32, 100–110. Link. *equal contributions.

[32] Kutter, C., Jern, P., Suh, A. (2018) Bridging gaps in transposable element research with single-molecule and single-cell technologies. Mobile DNA 9, 34. Link.

[31] Peona, V.*, Weissensteiner, M. H.*, Suh, A. (2018) How complete are ‘complete’ genome assemblies? – An avian perspective. Molecular Ecology Resources 18, 1188–1195. Link. *equal contributions.

A complete and frequently updated publication list can be found on Alexander Suh's personal website and on Google Scholar. See below for peer-reviewed publications published since 2013.