Join the group

Undergraduate students and master students
If you are interested in conducting a research training, bachelor or master thesis please contact Anna Rosling by mail. We welcome students of different background and interest from evolutionary biology, mycology, plant ecology and bioinformatics.

If you are interested in the correlation between plant and fungal communities at the Uppsala Kungsängen reserve you can find information (in Swedish) about a proposed project for the field season .

We have several projects involving genomics of AM fungi. Read more here.

PhD students
There are currently no PhD-openings in the lab.

Post docs
Send an email to Anna Rosling if you are interested in doing a post doc in the group.

You have a chance to apply to the Linnean Centre for Plant Biology in Uppsala where potential future post docs get a chance to present their work and research interest to group leaders within the Uppsala Linnean centre for plant biology. This seminar happens every spring and is open to applications doing the second half of the fall.