Anna Rosling

 Anna Rosling - Principal Investigator


Tea Ammunet – Bioinformatician


Barbie Ellis - Visiting Post doc

Works on singel nuclei genome sequencing in AM fungi


Zaenab Fahad – Post doc

C to P trade-off in arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis related to host adaptation

 Kerri Kluting

Kerri Kluting - PhD student

Works with substrate adaptation in ectomycorrhizal fungi


Peter Meidl – Master student


Mercè Montoliu Nerin - PhD student

Works with genome organization of AM fungi


Martin Rydén - Bioinformatician

Works with our NGS data, mostly with OUT clustering and analysis


Shadi Eshghi Sahraei - PhD student

Works with evolutionary stability of AM symbiosis

 Ylva Strid

Ylva Strid - Post doc

Works with ecological strategies of bark beetle associated fungi

Former Group Members

Faheema Kalsoom (Research assistant 2017)
Sorted long read environmental sequences and analyzed the diversity and distribution species in Archaeorhizomycetes. Recently started a PhD with Martin Ryberg, at IOB, UU.

Mustafa Zakieh (Research assistant 2016 – 2017)
For almost a year Mustafa worked on DNA extractions of soil and roots from Kungsängen and the molecular characterization of their fungal communities as well as barkbeetle samples for Ylva.

Mikael Dahl (Researcher 2016)
Worked on the analysers of the Archaeorhizmycetes genome and now enjoyes life in Sundsvall

Svante Johannesson (Summer work 2016)
Collected hundreds of individual AM spores and inoculated these on grass grown in pipette tips. Hopefully his interest for Biology was not harmed by it.

Karl Lundén (Researcher 2015-2016)
Worked with soil and root fungal community analysis in Poplar fields. Has returned to his roots at SLU Ultuna in 2016.

Anders Larsson (Bioinformatician 2016)
Helped out with analysis of the Archaeorhizomycetes genome project. Has moved on to work at NBIB at SciLifeLabs, Uppsala.

Hector Urbina (Post doc 2013-2015)
Worked with diversity and habitat specificity in Archaeorhiozmycetes and is now a Post doctoral Research Associate at Purdue University

Amna Imran (Visiting PhD student 2015)
Works with soil fungal diversity in Pakistan and has returned to Punjab University to continue her PhD studies there.

Veera Kainiemi (Visiting post doc from SLU 2015)
Worked with soil calorimetry and microbial communities. Has moved on to a happy life in IT.

Rahul Chitre (Research training 2015)
Worked with endless and unsuccessful isolation of Archaeorhizomycetes. Master Student at Uppsala University

Tania Tajrin (Research training 2014)
Worked with molecular characterization of soil fungal communities and is now at SLU in Umeå.

Haleh Hayatgheibi (Research assistant 2013)
Worked on developing the single nuclei sorting method for AM spores and is now a PhD student at SLU, Umeå

Former group photos

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