Rosling Group: Ecology and evolution in soil fungi

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We conduct research in the field of molecular ecology and evolution, focusing on root-associated fungal communities and their adaptation to soil biogeochemistry and plant host. Together we conduct field and experimental work using community metabarcoding for spatial and temporal analysis of fungal communities. Always keeping an eye open for sequences of Archaeorhizomycetes we are interested in ways to describe their great diversity in the absence of cultured type material. Hidden fungal diversity is always a source for interesting discoveries and with Veera Tuovinen joining the team we have gained great microscopy expertise and expanded our scope to include lichens and associated yeasts. Over the last five years, an ERC funded research program has allowed us to develop in genomics of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, including extensive method development for single nuclei sequencing and assembly workflows. These efforts are paying off and now allows us to explore phylogenomics and genomic signatures of these important plant symbionts. 

We are part of the The Linnean Centre of Plant Biology in Uppsala.

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Last modified: 2021-04-22