Vacant positions

PhD position

We currently have no open positions for PhD students in my lab. However, if you have ideas for applying for your own funding I am happy to support such applications.

Potential MSc projects

We are currently looking for a student for the following project:

Master degree project on resolving sexual conflict
Even though males and females differ in many ways, almost their entire genome is shared. This results in conflict between the sexes at the genomic level. Using experimentally evolved lines of the orange bread fungus, we study how these conflicts are resolved at the phenotypic, genome and expression level. For a more detailed description of the project see this pdf. The start of the project is set for early 2015. If you are interested please contact me (

Students interested in joining our lab for a research training or a masters are more than welcome to contact me at any time directly for discussion of possible projects not listed here.

Postdoctoral opportunities

We currently have no open postdoc positions in our lab. However, there are several Swedish (e.g. VR, Wenner-Gren, Swedish Institute, Carl Tryggers) and international (e.g. Marie-Curie, Human Frontiers) funding bodies that provide fellowships for young researchers who wish to conduct a post-doc in Sweden. For some of these a Sweden-based PI has to submit the application, whilst others are open for postdocs to apply directly. If you are interested in applying and your research interests are broadly similar to mine contact me.