Husby Group: people

Arild Husby - PI
Associate Professor

I have broad interests in the fields of ecological genetics and genomics, but am particularly interested in how changing environmental conditions impact genetic variation. I did my PhD at University of Edinburgh before moving to Uppsala University for a post doc. I then received a fellowship from the Norwegian Research Council to examine the genomic basis of adaptation to environmental change. Since october 2014 I am Assistant Professor at the Department of Biosciences at the University of Helsinki.

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Heidi Viitaniemi

I have a broad interest in evolutionary biology but my main interest is on how the molecular mechanisms and their interplay affect the phenotype we see in the nature. I worked with these topics while doing my PhD in the University of Turku where I examined the threespine stickleback genome

Michelle di Leo

Michelle is a population geneticist and works under the supervision of Marjo Saastamoinen and myself on landscape genetics of the Glanville fritillary butterfly.

Abhilash Nair

I am an evolutionary biologist, with a background in population and conservation genetics. My research interest is in understanding the factors that generate and maintain genetic diversity in wild populations and in understanding the genetic basis of adaptation in populations to varying environments. I have been involved in multiple projects some of which are on cryptic diversity of amphibians in south-east Asia, adaptation in sticklebacks in Baltic sea and spatial genetic structure of parasitoids of Glanville fritillary butterfly in Aland islands. In Husby’s lab, I will be working on the population structure and plasticity of wing-polymorphism in water-striders.

PhD students

Erik Gudmunds

Works on wing polymorfism in water striders. 

I also currently co-supervise two PhD students at NTNU, Norway.

Sarah Lundregan, NTNU.
Dilan Saatoğlu, NTNU.

Master students

Tanya Troitsky. I am a master’s student majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Helsinki, with a background in environmental sciences. I will be writing my master’s thesis on the heritability of gut microbiota in wood mice (Apodemus sylvaticus) under the supervision of Aura Raulo and Arild Husby this coming fall.


Petri Kemppainen, post doc 2017. Current position: researcher at Helsinki University.

Jostein Gohli, post doc 2016-2018. Current position: researcher at Norwegian Defence Ministry?

Catarina Silva, post doc, 2015-2017. Current position: post doc at James Cook University, Australia

Eryn McFarlane, PhD student (co-supervisor), 2013-2017. Current position: post doc at Uppsala University, Sweden

Helge Bjerck, NTNU, MSc student (co-supervisor), 2014-2016.

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