Evolution in Sweden 2023

Welcome to Uppsala, January 10-12, 2023

Registration (Deadline November 30)

Evolution in Sweden is a biannual meeting, which broadly gathers evolutionary biologists working in Sweden.

In 2023 the meeting will be held at Uppsala University, January 10-12.

You are hereby invited to register and submit an abstract for a presentation (talk or poster) to be held at the meeting, deadline for submission is November 30.

There will be pub- evenings and an informal dinner on the 11:th

Please use this link to submit your abstract


For more information, feel free to contact the organizers:

Arild Husby, Evolutionary Biology Centre, UU.
Frank Johansson, Evolutionary Biology Centre, UU.
Pascal Milesi, SciLifeLab, UU.
Andreas Wallberg, Biomedical Centre, UU.

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