Lake monitoring programme

Lake Erken is one of the very few lakes in Northern Europe that has a long history of monitoring, including both manual and high-frequency automatic measurements of lake and stream stations. We also maintain an automatic measurement station in the Galten bay in lake Mälaren. The Erken monitoring programme includes measurements of physical and chemical parameters as well as plankton composition.

The data is free to use, but please inform us, so that we can keep track about the projects that make use of our data.

Live measurements and data from our automatic monitoring system

Available documentation:

Manual monitoring programme

Water chemistry lake Erken 1989-2016
NB: we have data from 1940 onwards. Please contact us directly.

Temperature and oxygen profiles 1940-2016

Lake phytoplankton 1989-2011. Please contact us directly for data from recent years.

Water chemistry in streams 2012–2016
Water chemistry in streams 2000-2011

NB: we are trying to keep the datafiles up to date, but please contact us if you would like to get access to more recent data that is not yet available in the database. You can also contact directly if you are interested in data that is not yet publically available yet.

Contact persons

For questions and additional information regarding measurements and data, please contact:

Automated monitoring:
Don Pierson,

Manual monitoring:
Silke Langenheder,