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Study Biology

All bachelor's and master's biology educations and other biology courses at undergraduate  level are coordinated by the Department of Biological Education.

To the Department of Biological Education

Degree projects and research training

Feel free to contact any of us to ask about proposals for degree project or to discuss your own ideas about a project. A good start is to look at the research at our subdepartments and research groups and then contact the researcher directly. At the master's level, it is often useful to start with a research training, during which you work in one of our research groups and participate in the daily activities, in the field, in the lab and at seminars. Meanwhile, you can develop ideas for your thesis.

Post graduate education

A stimulating environment for research and education

The Department conducts internationally recognised research in the intersection between Ecology, Evolution and Genomics. It is possible to specialise in subject ranging from Molecular Evolution to the role of inland waters in the carbon cycle. Your PhD project can range from theoretical work to large-scale field studies and focus on organisms ranging from microorganisms to fungi, plants and animals.

Our Department is an international environment with PhD students and researchers from many countries. Common courses and seminars contributes to a stimulating and rewarding atmosphere. Read about our research that is conducted within four research programs (divisions).