The carbon and greenhouse gas balance of freshwater ecosystems

  • Date: –16:20
  • Location: Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum Lindahlsalen
  • Lecturer: Alex Enrich-Prast, Linköpings University, Sweden Alberto V. Borges, Unversity of Liège, Belgium Frédéric Guérin, Toulouse University France Anne Ojala, University of Helsinki, Finland Sebastian Sobek, Uppsala University
  • Organiser: Limnologi
  • Contact person: Annika Linkhorst
  • Konferens

Cross regional differences and similarities minisymposium


13:10 Alex Enrich-Prast, Linköpings University, Sweden
"CH4 and N2O dynamics in the Amazon Basin"

13:45 Alberto V. Borges, Unversity of Liège, Belgium
"Variations of dissolved greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O) in the Congo River network overwhelmingly driven by fluvial-wetland connectivity"

14:20 Frédéric Guérin, Toulouse University France
"Net greenhouse gas emissions from the Nam Theun 2 reservoir, Laos (Lao PDR)

15:10 Anne Ojala, University of Helsinki, Finland
"Carbon gases in boreal aquatic continua"

15:45 Sebastian Sobek, Uppsala University
"Carbon emissions and burial in freshwaters: lessons learned from boreal lakes and tropical reservoirs"