Accommodation, Location

Accomondation, Location

We recommend the following hotels in Uppsala:

Uppsala has many hotels. Here are a few suggestions:

First Hotel Linné

How to get here

The meeting will be held at the Evolutionary Biology Center at Uppsala University in Lindahlsalen (Map)

The Department of Ecology and Genetics  is a part of the Evolutionary Biology Centre, and is located at Norbyvägen 18D in Uppsala. At the campus you can also find the Museum of Evolution, and the Botanical garden is located close to the campus.

Lindahlsalen: Enter the building at the entrance marked with 14 in the map, climb two half-stairs until your reached the restaurant Mikes Kök. Turn left and walk through the glass bridge. Lindahlsalen lies directly to the left after the glass bridge (close to 18b on the map).

Here is a map of Uppsala: