Qvarnström lab: people

Current members

Anna Qvarnström – PI- Professor
Email: anna.qvarnstrom@ebc.uu.se
Phone: +46 18 471 2672
David Wheatcroft – postdoc
David works on the cognitive and genetic basis to song-learning in birds.
email: david.wheatcroft@ebc.uu.se
William Jones – PhD student
William works on vector distribution and bird malaria.
email: william.jones@ebc.uu.se
Twitter: @JacanaJones

Carolina Segami Marzal – PhD student
Carolina works on genetic incompatibilities in flycatchers.
Email: carolina.segami@ebc.uu.se
Twitter: @carosegami
Outreach: www.sciencebitesperu.weebly.com

Students that are accepted to make projects (such as internships, bachelor or master projects) together with us form an integrated and important part of our team. Students that currently work with us are presented in Lab News and available new projects can be found under Join us.