Qvarnström lab: join us

I am always happy to discuss different possibilities to join our team with motivated students that are interested in our research. You can also contact specific team members (see below).
Internship or research training with our team means that you become an integrated part of our team during the field-work period (May-June), you will get insights into all ongoing sub-projects, read and discuss articles with us, and get a short introduction to how to use the statistical software R. Interested students can contact Murielle Ålund for more information: murielle.alund@ebc.uu.se

Bachelor or Master projects are typically based on particular field experiments but can also be based on available pedigree data and/or genomic data. We can only accept a few projects at the same time and contact us well before the field season for planning purposes.

1. Long term patterns of interspecific interactions and climate change.

2. Reproduction, hybridization and speciation, including gamete interactions

3. Costs of hybridisation and hybrid sterility.

4. Mitochondrial performance, mitonuclear interactions and climate-driven speciation
Contact: yishu.zhu@ebc.uu.se

5. Malaria infections, host-parasite interactions, climate and immunity
Contact : murielle.alund@ebc.uu.se

Don´t hesitate to contact us to talk about funding application for PhD and/or postdocs. There are numerous possibilities for independent projects combining already collected long-term data and new experiments.

Last modified: 2022-05-10