Qvarnström lab: cv

Curriculum Vitae – Anna Qvarnström

1. Bachelor of Science in Biology (40p chemistry, 110 biology), University of Uppsala
2. Doctor of Philosophy 1998-10-09
3. Post doc at the University of California at San Diego, CA 92093, USA, 2000-2001
4. Docent within the Faculty of Science and Technology, 2003-11-12

Current position
2012 Lecturer, Professor in Animal Ecology, 50% research
2018-present: Dean of research for Science and Technology, Uppsala University

Previous Research Fellowships
2002 Assistant professor at the Department of Animal Ecology, EBC (VR)
2006 Senior Research Fellow (KVA-forskare), Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences
2006 ranked as number one for a Senior Research Fellow in Speciation (VR)
2008 European Young Investigator Research Fellow (ESF) 100% research, the precursor of ERC young Investigator

Awards and prizes

The American Society of Naturalists’ 2001 Young Investigator Award (Motivation: outstanding scientific record).
The European Young Investigator Award 2006 (Motivation: innovative research and outstanding scientific record).

Uppsala University’s Bjurzons premium ht 1999 (Motivation: excellent scientific thesis).
Uppsala University’s Oscar II’s prize 2004 (Motivation: excellent research).

Supervision of graduate students
Nina Svedin, completion of PhD degree 2006, main supervisor
Chris Wiley, completion of PhD degree 2006, main supervisor 
Niclas Vallin , completion of PhD degree 2011, main supervisor
Joanna Sendecka, completion of PhD degree 2007 assistant supervisor
Mårten Hjernqvist, completion of PhD degree 2009, assistant supervisor
Andreas Rudh completion of PhD degree 2012, main supervisor
Katarzyna Kulma completion of PhD degree 2013 main supervisor
Eryn McFarlane, completion of PhD degree 2017, main supervisor
Murielle Ålund, completion of PhD degree 2017, main supervisor
William Jones, completion of PhD degree 2019, main supervisor

Richard Bailey three years 2008-2010 (consecutively he got a postdoc in Norway)
Matt Robinson 6 month during 2009 (consecutively he got a fellowship in England)
Amber Rice 2008-2010 (consecutively she got a tenure track position US)
Arild Husby 2010-2012 (he has a tenure track position in Uppsala)
Päivi Sirkiä 2013-2017 (now research coordinator at the Finnish Museum of Natural History)
David Wheatcroft 2012-2018 (now associate professor in Stockholm)

Current group members
Murielle Ålund (Researcher, started 2020), main supervisor
Carolina Segami (PhD student, started 2017), main supervisor
Yishu Zhu (PhD student, started 2021), main supervisor

International conferences/invited talks abroad
I regularly attend international conferences and I have given more than 20 presentations and invited talks. I was invited speaker at: 12th Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology in Turin, Italy 2009; the Sanberg meeting in Denmark 2010; the first Speciation meeting in Europe 2010 Vienna, Austria, 5th Max Planck Symposium “Biodiversity” in Berlin, Germany 2012, Speciation Gordon Research Conference 2015, Ventura, CA. Plenary talks: I gave a plenary talk at the 13th Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology in Tuebingen Germany 2011 and at the 14th International Behavioral Ecology Congress  in Lund, Sweden 2012. 

Commissions of trust

A. Review commitments
Swedish Research Council: Member of the Ecology Committee 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011.
Swedish Research Council: Member of the PostDoc Committee 2010.
Reviewed grant applications for national research councils in England (NERC), and USA (Natural Geographic).
Reviewed manuscripts for approximately twenty journals including Science and PNAS.
I am regularly a member of dissertation committees in Uppsala, Lund, Göteborg and Stockholm.
External evaluator of fellowship in molecular ecology (University of Goteborg).
External evaluator of Professorship/Associate Professorship in Evolutionary Genomics at the Natural History Museum/University of Oslo (2015).

B. Faculty opponent
2006, Henrik Pärn,Trondheim, Norway
2007, Cécile Vanpe, Toulouse, France
2008, Thor Veen, Groningen, the Netherlands

C. Editorial commitments
Associate Editor American Naturalist 2006-present
Member of the editorial board PLoS One 2007-2009.
Member of the editorial board Biology Letters 2011-

E. Leadership commissions/ Member of Boards
Director of the Linneus Centre of Excellence: Uppsala Centre of Evolution and Genomics.
Scientific Board Member of the Centre of Reproductive Biology 2005-2010.
Member of the Gender Equality Board of the Faculty of Science and Technology 2006-2011.
The Swedish Gene-technology Advisory Board 2007-2014.
Member of Scientific Council for Natural and Engineering Science (Swedish Research Council) 2012- 2015.

Popular science
Talked about my research in Several Swedish news programs: Rapport , God Morgon Sverige, Vetenskaps radion, Uppsala Nya Tidning, Expressen and Dagens Nyheter

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