Qvarnström lab: alumni


David Wheatcroft, postdoc 2012-2018, studying divergence in song learning and discrimination. Now Associate Professor at Stockholm University Website: https://sites.google.com/view/davidwheatcroft/home
Päivi Sirkiä, postdoc  on environmental heterogeneity and carácter displacement. She is now research coordinator in monitoring team at the Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki, Finland.
Aril Husby, postdoc 2010-2012 on genetics in Ficedula flycatchers. He then got a position as assistant professor at Helsinki University. Now he is an associate senior lecturer at IEG, evolutionary biology at Uppsala University, Sweden.
Matt Robinson, postdoc 2009 on genetics in Ficedula flycatchers. He then received a fellowship in England at Sheffield University before moving on to Queensland Brain Institute, Australia. He is now a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at Lausanne University, Switzerland.
Richard Bailey, postdoc 2008-2010 on genetics of speciation in Drosophila. He then got a postdoc at Saetre’s lab, Oslo and is currently a post doc at Charles University, Czech Republic.
Amber Rice, postdoc 2008-2010 on genetics of speciation in the flycatcher project, now associate professor at Leigh University, US.


William Jones, PhD degree 2019, on avian malaria and transmission patterns by insect vectors between bird species. Now postdoc working with the ÉLVONAL Shorebird Science group, based at the University of Debrecen in Hungary.

Twitter: @JacanaJones Website: https://williamjonesresearch.wordpress.com/

Murielle Ålund, PhD degree 2017 on gamete evolution and speciation. She got a postdoc position in the Boughman lab at Michigan State University, US. 

Eryn McFarlane, PhD degree 2017 on speciation and metabolic rate. She got a VR funded postdoc at University of Edinburgh, UK and Lund University, Sweden.

Katarzyna Kulma, PhD degree 2013 on malaria in flycatchers, now works as an analyst in London, England.

Andreas Rudh, PhD degree 2012 on population divergence in Strawberry poison frogs, now works as research engineer at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Sweden.

Niclas Vallin, PhD degree 2011 on speciation in Ficedula flycatchers, now works at the Environmental Services, Sweden.

Chris Wiley, PhD degree 2006 on speciation in Ficedula flycatchers. He then got a postdoc in the Shaw lab at Cornell Unuversity, US.

Nina Svedin, PhD degree 2006 on speciation in Ficedula flycatchers. She got a VR funded postdoc at the Macquarie University, Australia. She is now research development officer at Australian National University, Australia.

Last modified: 2021-02-12