Alexei Maklakov - PI - Associate Professor

Personal web page:

Twitter: @AlexeiMaklakov


Phone: +46 18 471 2672

Brian Mautz - ERC-funded postdoc

Brian is working on the role of sexual selection in reducing age-specific mutation load.

Personal web page:

Twitter: @scientician113

Elisabeth Bolund - Wenner-Gren Fellow

Elisabeth has been working on sexual conflict over life-history traits in humans with Virpi Lummaa in Sheffield and she will continue this line of work in our lab. Elisabeth is a second postdoc in our lab who received a highly competitive “young group leader” funding from Swedish Research Council (VR) and she is going to start her own lab at our department in 2016.

Twitter: @ElisabethBolund

Martin Lind - returning VR postdoc and EBC-funded postdoctoral fellow

Martin is working on the role of growth in the evolution and expression of ageing.

Personal web page:

Twitter: @martin_i_lind

Foteini Spagopoulou - ERC-co-funded PhD student

Foteini is working on the condition-dependence of sexual dimorphism in ageing in the lab and in the wild.

Twitter: @FotSpag

Martyna Zwoinska - ERC-funded PhD student

Martyna is working on the sexual dimorphism in life-history and cognitive ageing.

Twitter: @MartynaZwoinska


Zuzana Sekajova  - International MSc exchange student

Zuzana is conducting an internship in our lab and is working on how resource availability affects the evolution of male effects on female reproduction and lifespan.

Hanne Carlsson - Full time Research Assistant at the Nematode Lab



Johan Andersson - Full time Research Assistant at the Nematode Lab

Tuuli Larva - Full time Research Assistant at the Nematode Lab

Anna Vourlou - Part-time Research Assistant at the Drosophila Lab

Therese Krieg - Full time Research Assistant with Simone Immler at the Nematode Lab)