Guschanski lab: People

Current members

Katerina Guschanski - Docent
E-mail: katerina.guschanski[AT]
Phone: +46 18-471 2673
Twitter: @kguschan


Axel Jensen
PhD Student

I have a broad interest in evolutionary biology and genetics, and find the processes driving speciation particularly intriguing. In my master’s project, I analyzed whole genome sequencing data from the fragmented Swedish populations of wels catfish, adding a genomic perspective to the conservation status of the species. During my time as a PhD student in the Guschanski lab, I will study primate evolution on the genomic scale, using both wet-lab and bioinformatics techniques. I will keep one foot in the field of conservation genomics as I investigate patterns of e.g. population structure and local adaptation in the endangered Grauer’s gorilla, and also study speciation processes more generally, focusing on the influence of ancient gene flow and adaptive introgression in guenons - a tribe of Old World monkeys with remarkable diversity.

2020, Master of science, Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden.
2018, Bachelor of science, Biology, Lund Universty, Sweden.

Adrian Forsythe

I use genetic/genomic techniques to study microbial ecology and host/pathogen interactions. In general, I am interested in how microbial communities respond to disruptions from anthropogenic influence. My PhD work concerned population genetics of the fungal pathogen responsible for White-Nose Syndrome in North American bats. Since joining the Guschanski Lab, my Postdoctoral research focuses on both the ancient and modern microbiomes of wild mammals and identifying antimicrobial resistance factors within these communities. The goal of my research is to ultimately contribute to conservation efforts to curb disruptions to microbial ecosystems.

2020-2016: PhD, McMaster University, Canada
2016-2014: MSc, McMaster University, Canada
2010-2014: BSc, Trent University, Canada

Markella Moraitou
Master Student

My interest in evolutionary biology, genomics and bioinformatics, combined with my wish to be engaged in research that informs conservation efforts, led me to the Guschanski lab, where I will be doing my master’s degree project on the diversity of the oral microbiome across different gorilla populations, using a metagenomics approach.

2019-2021: Master’s in biology – specialization in Evolutionary Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden

2014-2019: Bachelor’s in biology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Jiancheng Su
Visiting researcher

I am interested in genetics and data analysis to find out more information from individuals and populations than just by wet lab experiments. Now, I am using non-invasively collected fecal samples to study the demography of several Grauer’s gorilla groups by molecular and computational approaches.