Guschanski lab: People

Current members

Katerina Guschanski - Assistant Professor
E-mail: katerina.guschanski[AT]
Phone: +46 18-471 2673
Twitter: @kguschan


Jaelle Brealey

I am interested in microbial ecology and the co-evolution of microbial communities and their hosts, using a combination of bioinformatics and wet lab approaches in my research. During my PhD I investigated viral and bacterial interactions in young children with respiratory infections. As a postdoc in Uppsala, I will be shifting focus to study the effect of environmental factors, like climate change and human-caused events, on the oral microbiome, diet and health of several mammalian species, using ancient DNA techniques on dental calculus from museum specimens. 

2013-2017: PhD, University of Queensland, Australia.
2009-2012: Bachelor of Science (Honours), University of Queensland, Australia. 

Tom van der Valk
PhD student
I am interested in primate evolution and genetics (including Homo sapiens). I use molecular and computational approaches to study factors underlying biological diversity in primates. During my PhD project I develop novel approaches suited for molecular work with low-quality samples and analysis of low-quality, low-coverage genomic data.

2015-Present  PhD student, EBC, Uppsala Univ.

2012-2015  Master Molecular Biology & Science based business, Leiden University and MSc courses in Bioinformatics, Wageningen University.

2009-2012 Bachelor Biology, Leiden Univ.

Tuuli Larva
Research training

2016-        Master programme in Evolutionary Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden.

2011-2016 Bachelor in Biology and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Henrique Leitao
Master student

I am broadly interested in evolutionary biology and molecular ecology. In particular, I am motivated to understand the role of the environment in speciation, using molecular techniques. My research project is focused on investigating variation in the composition of the oral microbiome of Nordic mammals. Using a genomic, ecological, and bioinformatic approach we aim to find out how climate and diet may influence oral microbial communities in these taxa.

2018 - 2019 Master’s project, University of Uppsala
2015 - 2020 MSc Zoology, University of Glasgow

Catalina (Catu) María Gonda 
Visiting researcher

I am interested in analyzing genetic data to describe the evolutionary processes that shape genetic diversity over space and time and extracting information relevant to wildlife conservation. At the moment, I study the demography and evolution of guenons using both computational and population genetics approaches.

2012-2017 Master of Science in Biological Sciences, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Aikaterini (Katia) Bougiouri
Master student

My research interests focus on using a combination of approaches, including genetics, ecology, behavior and bioinformatics, in order to study evolutionary patterns and processes from a multifaceted perspective. During my stay at Uppsala University, I will focus on speciation genomics in guenons, an interesting group of African primates which present various ecologies, behaviors and morphologies, but most interestingly, many cases of interspecific hybridization. Thus, I will utilize whole genome sequence data in an attempt to disentangle the phylogenetic relationships among guenon species and further investigate their evolution from an arboreal to a terrestrial lifestyle.

2017-present: Master of Science - Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Evolutionary Biology (MEME)
2012-2016: Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Crete, Greece

Alice Michel
Master student

I am interested in all aspects of biological research that can inform and improve wildlife conservation, while also broadening our understanding of the natural world, including the study of species' evolutionary history, ecology, and genetics. For my masters project I am using molecular techniques to assess local dietary adaptation across several geographically isolated populations of Grauer's gorillas using non-invasively collected fecal samples.

2017-2019 Erasmus Mundus Masters in Evolutionary Biology

Zachary (Zach) Nolen
Master student

I am interested in how population demography impacts the formation and maintenance of species, especially in how ecological factors affect demographic patterns. I am interested in how these topics can help to inform conservation practices through answering both fundamental and applied questions about evolution. My project focuses on assessing the change in genetic diversity over time in Bornean orangutans through the reconstruction of mitochondrial genomes from both contemporary and museum samples.
2017 - Present: Erasmus Mundus Masters in Evolutionary Biology, Uppsala University and Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich 
2011 - 2014: BSc Zoology, University of Florida