Guschanski lab: People

Current members

Katerina Guschanski - Docent
E-mail: katerina.guschanski[AT]
Phone: +46 18-471 2673
Twitter: @kguschan


Jaelle Brealey

I am interested in microbial ecology and the co-evolution of microbial communities and their hosts, using a combination of bioinformatics and wet lab approaches in my research. During my PhD I investigated viral and bacterial interactions in young children with respiratory infections. As a postdoc in Uppsala, I will be shifting focus to study the effect of environmental factors, like climate change and human-caused events, on the oral microbiome, diet and health of several mammalian species, using ancient DNA techniques on dental calculus from museum specimens. 

2013-2017: PhD, University of Queensland, Australia.
2009-2012: Bachelor of Science (Honours), University of Queensland, Australia. 

Tuuli Larva
Research training

2016-       Master programme in Evolutionary Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden.

2011-2016 Bachelor in Biology and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Maya Gadhvi
Master student

I am broadly interested in evolutionary and genetic animal biology, particularly that which helps to inform and develop conservation efforts. My time at the Guschanski lab will be spent genetically analysing non-invasive faecal samples from various isolated populations of the Grauer’s gorilla. Molecular and bioinformatic approaches will be used to draw conclusions regarding their social behaviour and ecology.

Jiancheng Su
Visiting researcher

I am interested in genetics and data analysis to find out more information from individuals and populations than just by wet lab experiments. Now, I am using non-invasively collected fecal samples to study the demography of several Grauer’s gorilla groups by molecular and computational approaches.