Björklund lab: Alumni


Teija Aho, CEO Guldhaven Pelagiska AB. Previously at the Institute of Coastal Fisheries, Öregrund. We worked with population genetics of farmed and commercially important fish, such as pike-perch, perch, whitefish and salmonids. In the group 1999-2001.

Jonathon Stone, Associate Professor McMaster University, Canada. We worked together developing models of Sewall Wright’s Shifting Balance Theory. In the group 1999-2001.

Pim Edelaar, Associate Professor, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, Spain. We worked with the evolutionary history and speciation in crossbills. In the group 2005-2009.

Mare Löhmus, Research Associate, Environmental Epidemiology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. We worked with hormonal mediators of reproduction in birds, and later with fish parasites. In the group 2007-2009 and 2014.

Fernando Mateos-Gonzalez, Post-Doc University of Texas, Austin, USA. We worked genetics of personality in birds, and later with fish parasites. In the group 2011-2014.


Juha Merilä, PhD 1996. Currently Academy Professor, Helsinki University, Finland. Genetic and quantitative trait variation in natural bird populations.

Göran Spong, PhD 2001. Currently Senior Lecturer, Swedish Agricultural University, Umeå. Genetic Consequences of Dispersal and Social Behavior in Lions, Panthera leo.

Anders Ödeen, PhD 2001. Currently Lecturer, Animal Ecology, Uppsala University.  Effects of Post-Glacial Range Expansions and Population Bottlenecks on Species Richness.

Ann-Britt Florin, PhD 2001. Currently Researcher Institute of Coastal Fisheries, Öregrund. Bottlenecks and blowflies: Speciation, reproduction and morphological variation in Lucilia.

Olle Håstad, PhD 2003. Currently Faculty Program Director, Swedish Agricultural University, Uppsala. Plumage Colours and the Eye of the Beholder: The Ecology of Colour and its Perception in Birds.

Marta Vila, PhD 2004. Currently Senior Lecturer Universidade de Coruna, Spain. Effects of environmental changes during the Quarternary on the distribution of extant species.

Kalev Rattiste, PhD 2006. Currently Senior Lecturer Department of Zoology, Estonian University of Life Sciences. Life History of the Common Gull (Larus canus): A Long-Term Individual-Based Study.

Johanna Arrendal, PhD 2007. Currently Consultant MyraNatur, Sweden. Conservation Genetics of the Eurasian Otter in Sweden.

Sara Bergek, PhD 2009. Currently Researcher, Institute of Freshwater Biology, Drottningholm. Population divergence at small spatial scales: – theoretical and empirical investigations in perch.

Marnie Hancke (Demandt), PhD 2009. Currently Research Officer, Swedish Agricultural University, Uppsala. Biodiversity in Swedish Cyprinid Fish: Insights Into Processes of Divergence.

Jonas Victorsson, PhD 2009. Currently Researcher, Department of Ecology, Swedish Agricultural University, Uppsala. Community Assembly and Spatial Ecology of Saproxylic Coleoptera.

Emma Rova, PhD 2010. Currently Teacher Kunskapsskolan, Enköping. The role of Assortative Mating in the Initial Stages of Sympatric and Parapatric Speciation.

Lara Hallson, PhD 2011. Currently PostDoc Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany. Quantitative Trait Evolution in a Changing Environment in a Seed Beetle.