Meetings / Seminars

2015 Animal Ecology Meeting

This is the schedule and talk titles for the 2015 Annual Meeting at Animal Ecology, Uppsala University:

Wednesday 11 February
10:40 Simon Evans "Climate change drives evolution of an ornament in a wild bird"
11:00 Elina Immonen "Mitonuclear epistasis in ageing: Sex specific direct and indirect genetic effects on reproductive performance"
11:20 Richard Svanbäck "When friends turn to foes"
11:40 María Cortázar "MHC genetic variation in anuran species. Let´s look at Moor frog as a model system"

13:30 Göran Arnqvist "The evolution of genome size"
13:50 Germán Orizaola "On plasticity and distribution ranges"
14:10 Mattias Siljestam "Polymorphism and multi-level selection"
14:30 Jono Henshaw "Measuring sexual selection: a more holistic model of reproductive life histories"
14:50 Yvonne Meyer-Lucht "Genetic divergence among Scottish and endangered Irish red grouse (Lagopus lagopus scotica)"

15:40 Hwei-Yen Chen "Forget the worms - let's talk about those bad girls"
16:00 Peter Halvarsson "Global and local homozygosity affect malaria infection status"
16:20 Martin Lind "Slow development as an evolutionary cost of long life"
16:40 Murielle Ålund "An asymmetric barrier to foreign sperm in hybridizing flycatchers"

Thursday 12 February
09:00 Patrizia d'Ettore "Recognition of identity in ants"

10:20 Anssi Laurila "Rapid evolution of constitutive and inducible defences against an invasive predator"
10:40 Elisabeth Bolund "Costs of reproduction explain a gradual change from a male-biased to a female-biased sex difference in human lifespan"
11:00 Ivain Martinossi "Is there an opportunity for sexual selection to aid adaptation to novel environments?"
11:20 Warren Kunce "The effects of pesticides on predator behavior"
11:40 Foteini Spagopoulou "From Australia with Love: Early life condition effects on ageing of males, females and their offspring"

13:30 Friederike Schulz "Adaptation to rapid warming in a Baltic Sea snail"
13:50 Eryn McFarlane "GWAS on a sexually selected trait in flycatchers"
14:10 Claus Rüffler "A general condition for adaptive genetic polymorphism in temporally and spatially heterogeneous environments"
14:30 Jacob Höglund "Linkage disequilibrium and sexual selection on MHC genes in black grouse"
14:50 Anders Ödeen "Visual acuity in insectivorous birds"

15:40 Lars Gustafsson "The collared flycatcher and the African black box"
16:00 Brian Mautz "Purging of mutations via sexual selection is dependent upon which sex chooses a mate"
16:20 Jannika Boström "Temporal visual resolution of budgerigars. Are pet birds at risk?"
16:40 Bruno Carreira "Climate change effects on phenotypic plasticity and food preferences of ponds omnivores"
17:00 Radoslav Kozma "Climate change: how do grouse like it?!"

Friday 13 February
09:00 Ben Dantzer "Eco-Evo-Endocrinology: an integrative approach for understanding how animals adapt to changing environments"

10:20 Mats Björklund "Let there be chaos!"
10:40 Magnus Johansson "Temperature preference and tolerance in snails from thermal environments"
11:00 David Berger "The sexually antagonistic genetic variation of same-sex behavior"
11:20 Jakub Rybinski "Competition driven build-up of habitat isolation"
11:40 Frank Johansson "Seasonal time constraints and genetic variation in life history traits along a latitudinal gradient"

13:30 Ingrid Ahnesjö "Stand-up for the reproductive compensation hypothesis"
13:50 Karoline Fritzsche "Evolution of female courtship behaviour under skewed sex ratios"
14:10 David Wheatcroft "Innate species recognition and the consequences for reproductive isolation"
14:30 Alexei Maklakov "Evolutionary consequences of lifespan extension"
14:50 Masahito Tsuboi "Functional coupling constrains morphological diversification in Lake Tanganyika cichlids"

15:40 Anna Qvarnström "The catch 22 in Genome Wide Association Studies"
16:00 Karl Grieshop "The capacity for sexual selection to remove mutations from a population"
16:20 Katerina Guschanski "Expression evolution of mammalian duplicate genes"
16:40 Kevin Fletcher "Investigating intergenerational costs in a passerine bird"
17:00 Ahmed Sayadi "Callosobruchus maculatus Genome project"

20 January 2015

Animal Ecology Seminar Series

Animal Ecology Seminar Series will re-start on February 2015, focusing on post-docs/early career researchers.

The preliminary schedule is:

17 February     Tobias Lenz, Max Planck Inst for Evolutionary Biology, Plön, Germany Web page

24 February     Bart Adriaenssens, University of Glasgow, Scotland Web page

9 March           Fabrice Eroukhmanoff, University of Oslo, Norway Web page

24 March         Michael Morrissey, University of St. Andrews, Scotland Web page

28 April           Laura Ross, University of Edinburgh, Scotland Web page       


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        3 March 2014

Schedule for the 2014 Animal Ecology Meeting

This is the preliminary schedule and talk titles for the 2014 Annual Meeting at Animal Ecology, Uppsala University:

Wednesday 5 March 2014

13:30 Jacob Höglund: Why study avian MHC?

13:50 Karl Grieshop: Male-beneficial genotypes harbor deleterious genetic architecture

14:10 Matsahito Tsuboi: How life history traits coevolve with brain size

14:30 Germán Orizaola: Breeding phenology, priority effects and reproductive strategies in frogs

14:50 Claus Rueffler: Evolution of functional specialization and division of labor

15:40 Takashi Yamane: The effects of male accessory gland substances on female reproduction in Callosobruchus maculatus

16:00 Marion Germain: Dispersal behaviour and lifetime reproductive success in a patchy passerine population: investigating compensatory processes between reproductive traits

16:20 Jakub Rybinski: I like to move it, move it - a word or two about hybrid zone dynamics

16:40 David Wheatcroft: Repetition rate of alarm calls encodes both within- and across-species messages to nestlings and adult birds

17:00 Cecilia Anderung: DNA barcoding of ancient marine mammals

Thursday 6 March 2014

9:00 Tobias Uller (invited plenary speaker)

10:20 Ahmed Sayadi: deNovo Genome Assembly of Callosobruchus maculatus

10:40 Jenny Hesson: Mosquito vectors and the philosophy of confusion

11:00 Rado Kozma: Estimating past population sizes using a single genome

11:20 Göran Arnqvist: The effect of epistasis on sexually antagonistic genetic variation

11:40 Eryn McFarlane: Genome wide association mapping of a secondary sexual characteristic under fluctuating selection

13:30 Anna Qvarnström: Dark patterns matter when shifts happen

13:50 Yvonne Meyer-Lucht: Immune gene variation at the MHC in the Willow grouse, Lagopus lagopus

14.10 Mats Björklund: Increase in body size is correlated to warmer winters in a passerine bird inferred from time series data

14:30 Simon Evans: Ornament evolution in the wild: a response to climate change?

14:50 Päivi Sirkiä: The role of environmental factors on variation in melanin-based plumage colouration in male pied flycatchers

15:40 Frank Johansson: Genetic variation in temperature reaction norms over ontogeny across a latitudinal gradient

16:00 Örjan Östman: Eco-evolutionary changes in body size of herring (Clupea harengus) in the Bothnian Sea

16:20 Martin Lind: Growth and ageing

16:40 Hwei-Yen Chen: Male-limited evolution causes longevity "gender gaps"

17:00 Fredrik Sundström: Plastic mothers and canalized babies?

17:20 Martin Carlsson: Population survey of three sympatric snake species in Histria, Romania

Friday 7 March 2014

9:00 Pat Monaghan (invited plenary speaker)

10:20 Elisabeth Bolund: Quantitative genetics of human life history

10:40 Julieta Goenaga: Functional variation in seminal fluid proteins

11:00 Kevin Fletcher: Variation in host life history strategies in response to parasitism.

11:20 Magnus Johansson: Seeing things from a snail perspective – how temperature affects life history

11:40 Ivain Martinossi: Male and female fitness response to novel environments in a population of seed beetles

13:30 Alexei Maklakov: Why do we age: age-specific increase in mutation effects and the evolution of senescence

13:50 Jannika Boström: Record high temporal resolutions in flycatchers

14:10 Elina Immonen: Is mitochondrial genetic variation selectively neutral in females?

14:30 Foteine Spagopoulou: Sexual dimorphism in age-specific life histories

14:50 Isobel Booksmythe: Evolution of reproductive investment under biased sex ratios in Megabruchidius beetles

15:40 Anders Ödeen: Can invisible window markings save birds

16:00 Martyna Zwoinska: Stupid stupider and the worm

16:20 Leanne Faulks: Baltic Sea Border Security?

16:40 Bruno Carreira: How does climate change interact with the diet of omnivores?

17:00 David Berger: Epistasis or sexual conflict

17:00 Poster session