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Department of Ecology and Genetics

The Department of Ecology and Genetics is part of the Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC). The departement constitutes an international environment with staff and students from all over the world. Evolutionary ecology and genetics form the core of our research activities and are studied in animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms. This includes a number of high-profile projects on the processes of natural and sexual selection, local adaptation, speciation, and molecular evolution. We also harbour a strong research initiative on processes affecting microbial diversity and ecosystem function. Various fundamental and applied aspects of conservation biology, including effects of global climatic change, are also part of our collective research. Approaches used range from field experiments to large-scale genome analyses.

Our research is organised in four research programs:

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The Department of Ecology and Genetics is a part of the Evolutionary Biology Centre, and is located at Norbyvägen 18D in Uppsala. At the campus you can also find the Museum of Evolution, and the Botanical garden is located close to the campus.