Department of Ecology and Genetics

Past seminars

FALL 2017

Tuesday, 26 September 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Johan Dahlgren (Max-Planck Odense Center, Denmark)
Title: Aging in plants – evolutionary theories finally meet empirical data
Host: Nina Sletvold

Tuesday, 10 October 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Mohamed Noor (Duke University, U.S.A)
Title: Recombination rate influences adaptation and speciation: Studies in the Drosophila pseudoobscura species group
Host: Robert Ekblom

Tuesday, 24 October 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Anna Gårdmark (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
Title: Individual variation in trophic interactions shape natural communities and their dynamics
Host: Kristin Scharnweber

Tuesday, 7 November 2pm, ZOOTISSALEN
Speaker: Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos (University of Queensland, Australia)
Title: Parallel evolution of traits and reproductive isolation in an Australian wildflower
Host: Sophie Karrenberg

Tuesday, 21 November 2pm, EKMANSALEN
Speaker: Klaus Reinhardt (Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany)
Title: A mitochondrially and environmentally biased view on the sperm phenotype
Host: Toby Fountain

Tuesday, 12 December 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Clements Küpper (Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Seewiesen, Germany)
Title: Fighters, Sneakers and Emancipated Females: Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics in Shorebirds
Host: Jacob Höglund

"Young Frontiers" seminars:

Tuesday, 19 September 2pm, LECTURE ROOM 3
Speaker: Tom van der Valk (Animal Ecology)
Title: Temporal genetic diversity in eastern gorillas
Host: Katerina Guschanski

Tuesday, 3 October 2pm, ZOOTISSALEN
Speaker: Karl Grieshop (Animal Ecology)
Title: The population-level implications of sexual conflict and sexual selection
Host: Göran Arnqvist

Tuesday, 14 November 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Murielle Ålund (Animal Ecology)
Title: On sex, sperm and speciation in flycatchers
Host: Anna Qvarnström

Tuesday, 5 December 2pm, FRIESSALEN
Speaker: Venkat Talla (Evolutionary Biology)
Title: Genome evolution of European wood white (Leptidea) butterflies
Host: Niclas Backström


Tuesday, 24 Jan 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN (cancelled due to illness)
Speaker: Johan Dahlgren (Max-Planck Odense Center, Denmark)
Title: Aging in plants – evolutionary theories finally meet empirical data
Host: Nina Sletvold

Tuesday, 7 Feb 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Pär K Ingvarsson (Umeå University, Sweden)
Title: A local selective sweep in FLOWERING LOCUS T2 is driving local adaptation in a key life history trait in European aspen (Populus tremula)
Host: Douglas Scofield

Tuesday, 28 Feb 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Lesley Lancaster (University of Aberdeen, UK)
Title: Species range dynamics as drivers of latitudinal trait gradients
Host: Göran Arnqvist

Tuesday, 14 Mar 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Ido Pen (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
Title: A unified model for the evolutionary transition to eusociality
Host: Alexei Maklakov

Friday, 7 Apr 2pm, 
Speaker: Scott Edwards
Title: Convergent regulatory evolution and the origin of flightlessness in palaeognathous birds
Host: Robert Ekblom

Tuesday, 25 Apr 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Sharon Y. Strauss (University of California Davis, U.S.A.)
Title: Niche conservatism, drought adaptation and tradeoffs shape plant responses to current and future climates

Tuesday, 9 May 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Christopher Balakrishnan (East Carolina University, U.S.A.)
Title: Behavioral Genomics in Songbirds
Host: Niclas Backström

Tuesday, 23 May 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Laura Hug (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Title: Uncovering microbial diversity through genome-resolved metagenomics
Host: Stefan Bertilsson

Tuesday, 30 May 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Mark W. Schwartz (University of California Davis, U.S.A.)
Title: Is academic research contributing to improved conservation outcomes?

FALL 2016

Tuesday, 6 Sept 2pm, EKMANSALEN
Speaker: Mark Kirkpatrick (University of Texas, U.S.A.)
Title: Evolution of the Genome by Sexually-Antagonistic Selection
Host: Matthias Weissensteiner

Wednesday, 21 Sept 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Melania E. Cristescu (McGill University, Canada)
Title: The Genetics of Aquatic Invasions: From Natural to Human Mediated Invasions
Host: Doug Scofield

Tuesday, 27 Sept 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Tadashi Fukami (Stanford University, U.S.A.)
Title: Embracing historical contingency in community assembly
Host: Silke Langenheder

Tuesday, 11 Oct 2pm, EKMANSALEN (NB PLACE!)
Speaker: Wieslaw Babik (Jagiellonian University, Poland)
Title: Balancing selection facilitates introgression of immune genes between newt species
Host: Krystyna Nadachowska-Brzyska

Thursday, 20 Oct 1pm, ZOOTISSALEN (NB TIME AND PLACE!)
Speaker: Bruce Anderson (Stellenbosch University, South Africa)
Title: Ecologically driven divergence and convergence of floral traits
Host: Jon Ågren

Tuesday, 8 Nov 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Britt Koskella (University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.)
Title: Bacteria-phage interactions in the microbiome: how they happen and why they matter
Host: Eva Lindström

Tuesday, 22 Nov 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Carole Smadja (CNRS, Montpellier, France)
Title: Speciation as a question of smell and taste
Host: Anna Qvarnström

Tuesday, 13 Dec 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Phillip Watts (University of Oulu, Finland)
Title: Genomic consequences of living with radioactive contamination
Host: Frank Johansson


Thursday, 21 Jan 3pm, Lindahlsalen (special seminar)
Speaker: Alex Buerkle (University of Wyoming, U.S.A.)
Title: Inconsistent reproductive isolation - lessons learned from many years of hybrid zone research
Host: Jochen Wolf

Tuesday , 26 Jan  2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Tom Mitchell-Olds (Duke University, U.S.A.)
Title: Variation and selection of genes controlling ecologically important traits in nature
Host: Jon Agren

Tuesday , 2 Feb 2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Dominic Wright  (Linköping University, Sweden)
Title: Domestication, methylation and feralisation: The genetic architecture of domestication
Host: Jochen Wolf

Tuesday , 16 Feb  2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Iván Gómez-Mestre  (Estacion Biologica Doñana, CSIC, Spain)
Title:  Developmental plasticity in larval amphibians and its potential role in morphological and life-history evolution
Host: German Orizaola

Tuesday , 15 Mar 2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker:  Frank Rheindt (National University of Singapore)
Title: Conservation Genomics: the Importance of Accounting for Evolutionary Processes
Host: Alexander Suh

Tuesday , 29 Mar  2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: David Rand  (Brown University, U.S.A.)
Title: Mitonuclear epistasis and the evolutionary genetics of fitness, aging and disease in Drosophila
Host: Göran Arnqvist

Tuesday , 12 Apr 2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Blake Matthews (EAWAG Kastanienbaum, Switzerland)
Title: Eco-evolutionary dynamics in aquatic ecosystems
Host: Peter Eklöv

Tuesday , 26 Apr  2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Jeffrey Good (University of Montana, U.S.A)
Title: Adaptation to spatially and temporally fluctuating environments in mammals
Host: Marty Kardos  / Jochen Wolf

Tuesday , 10 May  2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker:  Bret Payseur (University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.)
Title: Genetics of Rapid and Extreme Body Size Evolution in Island Mice
Host: Hans Ellegren

Tuesday , 17 May  2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker:  Stephen Heard (University of New Brunswick, Canada)
Title: What scientific writing is: Reflections on the history, culture, and practice  of composition in the natural sciences
Host: Amy Parachnowitsch

FALL 2015

Tuesday, 29 Sept 2pm, Zootissalen
Speaker: Charles Fenster (University of Maryland, U.S.A.)
Title: The Natural History of Mutations: Quantifying Mutation Parameters in the Wild With Arabidopsis thaliana Mutation Accumulation Lines
Host: Jon Ågren

Tuesday, 6 Oct 2pm, Ekmansalen!
Speaker: Rachel Whitaker (University of Illinois, U.S.A.)
Title: Virus-induced dormancy in microbial populations
Host: Anna Rosling

Tuesday , 20 Oct  2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Marjo Saastamoinen (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Title: Environmental stress and life history ecology in the Glanville fritillary butterflyHost: Mats Björklund

Tuesday , 27 Oct  2pm, Lindahlsalen (off fortnightly schedule)
Speaker: John Pannell (University of Lausanne)
Title: The selection and evolution of combined versus separate sexes in plants
Host: Sophie Karrenberg

Tuesday , 3 Nov  2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Sam Yeaman (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Title: The architecture of local adaptation: Theoretical predictions and some GWAS observations from lodgepole pine and interior spruce
Host: Martin Lascoux / Sylvain Glemin

Tuesday , 17 Nov  2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Brandon Gaut (University of California, Irvine, U.S.A.)
Title: DNA Methylation and the Evolution of Plant Genomes
Host: Martin Lascoux

Tuesday , 1 Dec  2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Trent Garner (Zoological Society of London, U.K.)
Title: Ecology Trumps Evolution: Why Amphibian Infectious Diseases are Conservation Issues and How to Mitigate Them
Host: Jacob Höglund

Tuesday , 8 Dec  2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Matthew Hartfield (University of Toronto, Canada)
Title: Mathematical models of sex and disease evolution
Host: Jon Ågren

Tuesday , 15 Dec  2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Trevor Price (University of Chicago, U.S.A.)
Title: Sensory drive, color, and color vision in birds
Host: Anna Qvarnström