Department of Ecology and Genetics

The IEG Seminar series ‘Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution’

The IEG Seminar series ‘Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution’ is one of the department’s platforms for postgraduate education and scientific interaction among research programs. With internationally renowned speakers presenting their latest work it also builds an important bridge to the worldwide eco-evolutionary science community.

Past seminars


Tuesday, 23 January 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Ben Evans (McMaster University, Canada)
Title: Evolution of new sex chromosomes in frogs
Host: Taki Kawakami

Tuesday, 20 February 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Rhonda Snook (Stockholm University)
Title: Sex-specific responses to experiemntal sexual selection
Host: Elina Immonen

Tuesday, 6 March 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Caroline Isakkson
Title: Urbanization: Its challenges and possibilities for birds
Host: Germán Orizaola

Tuesday, 20 March 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: John Kelly (University of Chicago, USA)
Title: The Question of Variation
Host: Sylvain Glemin

Tuesday, 3 April 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Yoshihisa Suyama
Title: MIG-seq: a simple method for genome-wide sequencing
Host: Laura Parducci

Tuesday, 17 April 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Craig Moritz (Australian National University)
Title: TBA
Host: Jacob Höglund

Tuesday, 8 May 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Mark Blaxter (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Title: TBA
Host: Alexander Suh

Tuesday, 22 May 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Emma Kritzberg
Title: TBA
Host: Sebastian Sobek

"Young Frontiers" seminars:

Speaker: Homa Papoli (Evolutionary Biology)
Title: The evolution of sex chromosomes and sex-linked sequences in systems with female heterogamety
Host: Hans Ellegren

Contact: elina.immonen[at]