Department of Ecology and Genetics

The IEG Seminar series ‘Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution’

The IEG Seminar series ‘Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution’ is one of the department’s platforms for postgraduate education and scientific interaction among research programs. With internationally renowned speakers presenting their latest work it also builds an important bridge to the worldwide eco-evolutionary science community.

Past seminars

FALL 2017

Wednesday (NB!), 6 September 2pm, CANCELLED!
Speaker:  Emma Kritzberg (Lund University, Sweden)
Title: Browning of freshwaters - an underestimated role of modern forestry
Host: Sebastian Sobek

Tuesday, 26 September 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Johan Dahlgren (Max-Planck Odense Center, Denmark)
Title: Aging in plants – evolutionary theories finally meet empirical data
Host: Nina Sletvold

Tuesday, 10 October 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Mohamed Noor (Duke University, U.S.A)
Title: Recombination rate influences adaptation and speciation: Studies in the Drosophila pseudoobscura species group
Host: Robert Ekblom

Tuesday, 24 October 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Anna Gårdmark (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
Title: Individual variation in trophic interactions shape natural communities and their dynamics
Host: Kristin Scharnweber

Tuesday, 7 November 2pm, ZOOTISSALEN (NB!)
Speaker: Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos (University of Queensland, Australia)
Title: Parallel evolution of traits and reproductive isolation in an Australian wildflower
Host: Sophie Karrenberg

Tuesday, 21 November 2pm, EKMANSALEN (NB!)
Speaker: Klaus Reinhardt (Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany)
Title: A mitochondrially and environmentally biased view on the sperm phenotype
Host: Toby Fountain

Tuesday, 12 December 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Clements Küpper (Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Seewiesen, Germany)
Title: Fighters, Sneakers and Emancipated Females: Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics in Shorebirds
Host: Jacob Höglund

"Young Frontiers" seminars:

Tuesday, 19 September 2pm, LECTURE ROOM 3 (NB!!!)
Speaker: Tom van der Valk (Animal Ecology)
Title: Temporal genetic diversity in eastern gorillas
Host: Katerina Guschanski

Tuesday, 3 October 2pm, ZOOTISSALEN (NB!!!)
Speaker: Karl Grieshop (Animal Ecology)
Title: The population-level implications of sexual conflict and sexual selection
Host: Göran Arnqvist

Tuesday, 14 November 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Murielle Ålund (Animal Ecology)
Title: On sex, sperm and speciation in flycatchers
Host: Anna Qvarnström

Tuesday, 5 December 2pm, FRIESSALEN (NB!)
Speaker: Venkat Talla (Evolutionary Biology)
Title: Genome evolution of European wood white (Leptidea) butterflies
Host: Niclas Backström

SPRING 2018 (preliminary list)

Tuesday, 23 January 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Ben Evans (McMaster University, Canada)
Title: Evolution of new sex chromosomes in frogs
Host: Taki Kawakami

Tuesday, 6 February 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: TBA
Title: TBA
Host: TBA

Tuesday, 20 February 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: TBA
Title: TBA
Host: TBA

Tuesday, 6 March 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: TBA
Title: TBA
Host: TBA

Tuesday, 20 March 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: John Kelly (University of Chicago, USA)
Title: TBA
Host: Sylvain Glemin

Tuesday, 3 April 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: TBA
Title: TBA
Host: TBA

Tuesday, 17 April 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Craig Moritz (Australian National University)
Title: TBA
Host: Jacob Höglund

Tuesday, 8 May 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Mark Blaxter (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Title: TBA
Host: Alexander Suh

Tuesday, 22 May 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: TBA
Title: TBA
Host: TBA

"Young Frontiers" seminars:

Tuesday, 13 February 2pm, LINDAHLSALEN
Speaker: Homa Papoli (Evolutionary Biology)
Title: The evolution of sex chromosomes and sex-linked sequences in systems with female heterogamety
Host: Hans Ellegren

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