Department of Ecology and Genetics

Erken Laboratory

Norr Malma field station with the Erken Laboratory makes part of the Department of Limnology. It has since its foundation in the 1940s served both as a research station and as a study and course centre. During the early years, activities were mostly restricted to the summer season. Today, courses and other activities take place all year round. The Erken laboratory has developed an extensive environmental monitoring program for Lake Erken, and it is one of the sites in GLEON, the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network. Researchers at Erken Laboratory participate in several large EU projects such as on the effects of climate change on lake ecosystems and automatic monitoring of phytoplankton development.

Campus Gotland

1 July 2013, Gotland University became a part of Uppsala University. By merging with Gotland University, we can continue to develop our world-leading education and research also in this historic island setting.

At Campus Gotland Uppsala university is giving education at BSc-level in environmental science, combined with web based courses in biology.

Aquatic ecological research, primarily focused on fish ecology, is pursued at Ar Research Station on northern Gotland.