Department of Ecology and Genetics

Rosling Group: Ecology and evolution in soil fungi

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We conduct research in the field of molecular ecology, working mostly with root-associated fungi and their role in biogeochemical processes in soil. We use environmental metagenomic barcoding and comparative genomics to address adaptation to host and substrate in symbiotic fungi. In 2015 Dr Ylva Strid joined the group as a post doc working with fungal beetle interactions so now we also acknowledge that there are fungi above ground.

With funding from ERC we are developing a new research program on arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi. AM fungi form symbiotic interactions with almost all terrestrial plants and have done so since plants first colonized land. We are interested in their evolutionary stability and genome organization. We welcome Shadi Sahraei and Mercè Montoliu who has joined this program as PhD students.

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