Undergraduate Education

The staff teaches many biology courses at Uppsala University. For more information about the courses see IBG, Biology Education Centre web site.

Master thesis

Students are welcome to do their degree project (Masters) in Biology at the Department. Any of the group leaders can be contacted (e-mail or phone). Potential students are principally guided and advised to take part in an ongoing research project. However, we are willing to discuss more independent ideas. Those who want to carry out their own ideas are advised to contact Göran Arnqvist.

PhD Education

The department is running two active programmes for Ph.D. studies. The expected time to finish is 4 full years. We are principally recruiting students with a background in ecology and evolution. Depending on space and finances we accept new students annually. Prospective students should contact the professors responsible for postgraduate studies: Ingrid Ahnesjö (Animal Ecology) or Jacob Höglund (Animal Conservation Biology).