About us

In the Department of Animal Ecology we study the ecological causes and evolutionary consequences of variation among and within species in terms of behaviour, morphology and life-history. In particular, we focus on the following subsets of evolutionary ecology: life-history evolution, sexual selection and speciation. We are most interested in trying to find the interface between these areas, for example, the connection between life-history decisions and sexual selection, and the role of sexual selection in the speciation process. In that way we hope to get a synthesis and a deeper understanding of the evolutionary process. We also believe that a firm understanding of the evolutionary process can help us to understand the need for conservation and biodiversity. Therefore, conservation issues spring naturally from the study of the ecological factors underlying evolutionary processes.

To investigate these scientific questions we are using a wide variety of methods:

  • detailed behavioural studies in natural populations
  • experiments in the lab and in the field
  • molecular studies of paternity and population differences
  • mathematical modelling and computer simulations

Our aim is to solve general evolutionary problems. Therefore, we are choosing the most appropriate organisms that can help us to solve these problems.
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Contact Information

Head of the department

Prof. Göran Arnqvist
018-471 2645

Visiting Address

Animal Ecology
Department of Ecology and Genetics
Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC)
Uppsala University
Norbyvägen 18D
75236 Uppsala

Delivery Address

Animal Ecology
Department of Ecology and Genetics
Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC)
Kåbovägen 4, hus 7
75236 Uppsala