Research programmes/Subdepartments

The department is divided into four research programmes. Each programme is lead by a professor appointed by the Faculty Board, who is responsible that the program is managed in a collegiate spirit, and within the limits and resources that the board, the head of department and the faculty board makes available. In addition, the department hosts a field station (the Erken Laboratory), headed by a station manager.

Research programme/Subdepartment Head of programme
Evolutionary Biology Hans Ellegren
Limnology Eva Lindström
Plant Ecology and Evolution Jon Ågren
Animal Ecology Göran Arnqvist

Department board

The department board

The department board is the highest descision-making body in the department.The department makes descisions on the internal organisation of the department, the budget and general guidelines for the activites of the deparment. 

Representatives from all groups active in the department are part of the board and the head of the department is chairman.

Board minutes are found in the employee portal.

Department board 2019

Corporation Regular Deputy Term
Personal deputy:
Head of the department and chairman Lars Tranvik Ulf Lagercrantz 2016-2019
Group deputy:
Teacher/researcher Niclas Backström Peter Eklöv 2017-2019
Anna Rosling Frank Johansson
Sophie Karrenberg Göran Arnqvist
Sebastian Sobek Nina Sletvold
Personal deputy:
Tech/Admin Christoffer Bergwall Linnéa Smeds 2017-2019
Group deputy:
Students Mercè Montoliu Nerín Marloes Groeneveld 2019
Mattias Siljestam
Karin Näsvall

Adjunct to the board: One representative for the health and safety officers

The steering committee

The department's steering committee consists of the chairs of the research programmes, the heads of the research station and administration, and the chair and deputy chair of the department. The steering committee is a forum for exchange of information, and coordination of various tasks and issues across the department's different units.

The executive committee

Decisions on short-term positions and stipends are delegated from the board to an executive committee, consisting of the department head, the deputy department head, and the head of administration.


The administrative staff at IEG and their duties.

Duties Name
Administrative manager Anna-Lena Klerks
Financial administrator, Evolutionary biology Frida Svedbergh
Financial administrator, Limnology & Plant Ecology Eva Nordin Sundqvist
Financial administrator, Animal Ecology Ingela Eriksson
Personnel administrator, Evolutionary biology & Animal Ecology Annette Berger
Personnel administrator, Limnology & Plant Ecology Jenny Lundh
Administrator Iva Pristof

Group for equal opportunities

The departments Ecology and genetics (IEG) and Organismal biology (IOB) have a common group for equal opportunities. The members in 2018 are:

Namn Department
Reija Dufva, chair Ecology and genetics
Ling Shen Organismal biology
Annette Berger Ecology and genetics
Raquel Pereira  Organismal biology
Sebastian Sobek Ecology and genetics

Working environment committee

The working environment group consists of representatives from every personell category, the Head of Administration, the chairman and the adjunct safety agent. The working environment group supports the chairman in matter related to the working environment and handles issues related to the working environment, updates and distributes information, writes procedures for systematic working environment work, makes suggestions for action plans, guidelines and policies and follows up on decisions and actions. The working environment group meets every quarter. An annual review of the working environment including sick leave, work related injuries, accidents and rehabilitation evaluations is performed in February/March. 

Lars Tranvik Chairman
Anna-Lena Klerks Coordinator
Ylva Strid
Gunilla Engström
Sara Meurling
Anna Nydahl
Jenny Lundh Secretary

Safety contacts

Work safety contacts for IEG in 2018 are:

Name Reasearch program
Christoffer Bergvall Limnology
Kerstin Jeppsson Plant Ecology and Evolution
Malin Johansson Evolutionary Biology
Johanna Liljestrand-Rönn Animal Ecology
Nahid Heidari Main Safety contact for EBC